What game games are there in the project?

    • Euro Roulette
    • Coin
    • Slot Machine
    • Lottery Ticket

How does site works?

    • Players deposit their items by using the "deposit" feature on the page.
    • For every 1$ your valued at, you receive 1000 coins.
    • After you accept trade offer from bot, your skins will be converted into coin. 

How to take part in the game?

    • Sign in through Steam 
    • Put an actual Trade Offer link into a Settings 
    • Make your inventory public in the Steam Profile 
    • Select the game, place a bet and try your luck! 

What are the max and min bets?

A bet sum limit is indicated in the selected game. Inappropriate bets are canceled automatically.

How to get the winning?

Trade Offers with the winner's prize are transferred by our bot in automatic mode.
If you win you will see a pop-up with congratulations and the won sum.
A Trade Offer is sent to the indicated Trade Offer link in your Settings within 5-30 minutes. You should accept the Trade Offer.
Sending of items can rarely take longer period of time because of Steam Lags or issues with Mobile Confirmation.
If you have got any issues with getting your prize, contact our 24/7 tech support: supportcoins@gmail.com

Can I accept a Trade Offer later?

It is necessary to accept a winning as soon as you get a Trade Offer from our bot.
A winning that had not been accepted for an hour is annulled. It is necessary to avoid bot inventory overloading in order to keep system working without malfunctions.

How to get a bonus to my winning?

Add to any part of your Steam Nickname an ad cs-go-coin.com and get 7% to your winning. The ad must be written in one word. This bonus operates at JackPot and COIN only

I`ve got an issue. Where can I apply for help?

It's our pleasure to help you in case of any issues occurred to our Service. In order to solve your issue write a letter to our tech support: supportcoins@gmail.com

Why does a bot cancel my bet?

Make sure that:
    • You send skins from Counter-Strike: GlobalOffensive, there are no souvenir items or skins from other games
    • Number of deposited skins meets the rules of a selected game
    • The value of a bet meets the rules of a selected game
    • Your account is attached to your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator minimum 7 days
    • While trading an offer you should not ask a bot for skins

I placed a bet accidently, how to get my skins back?

We are working only with Steam Trade Offer System. Every bet is confirmed by Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.
Thus, the situations when your items play in the game without your confirmation or accidently are impossible. We cannot return the deposited and raffled skins.

When does the winning come?

The winning is sent by our bot within 5-30 minutes automatically. The sending rarely takes more time because of Steam Lags or issues with Mobile confirmations.

I’ve got a trade ban. I want my winning to be sent to my secondary account or friend`s account.

We don’t send the winnings to other accounts. For the avoidance of scam we send the winnings to the account that won only.

Hold for coin transmission.

If you got coins transmitted to your account, you get 10 days hold for another transmission. You can use your coins to play on the website or for withdrawal. 

Coins withdrawal.

In order to withdraw coins, your minimal deposit on the website should constitute 5-10% of your withdrawal sum. 
Otherwise, due to the safety measures on our website, your coins may be frozen up to 7 days.

Account verification.

In order to have the access to all functions on the website, you have to verify your account. For account verification you should deposit 50 000 coins. 
Your deposit will be frozen by the system and you will have a choice, either to put the coins to your account or get your deposit back right away. After this your account will be verified.

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